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To build a profitable blog in 2024 and beyond, you’ll need to write a LOT of high quality content.

That might seem like an impossible task. But an AI writing assistant, like Jasper AI, can help you get there.

Let’s take a look at the different Jasper AI pricing plans – so you can find the best fit for your blogging needs.

Jasper AI is a great AI writing tool – and one of the best tools for blogging. I’ve used it personally for over a year now, mostly for ideation of new posts, creating SEO-friendly outlines, titles and meta descriptions.

It’s also really useful for generating text using classic copywriting frameworks, such as Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) – one of my favorite ways to introduce my blog posts.

But exactly how much will Jasper cost you? And will the results be worth the money?

Affiliate disclaimer: I sometimes link to products and services to help cover the costs of running this blog. There’s no extra cost to you – and I only recommend products that I’ve both used personally and think are awesome. Thanks for your support! ❤️

Jasper AI Pricing 2024: Which Plan Would Suit You Best?

Jasper AI has recently launched its plans with a new format.

If you pay monthly, Jasper AI pricing now starts at $49 per month for the Creator Plan.

For that price you get unlimited words, one brand voice, and access to 50+ AI copy generators. These are great for writing short-form content like ads, product descriptions, and improve existing copy.

The friendly folk at Jasper AI offer a fantastic free trial – perfect for learning how AI writing works and deciding whether it would be the right fit for you.

You can grab 10,000 words for free with the below link.

Remember, if your goal is to build a money-making blog, you’ll need to publish LONG-FORM content.

In fact, the average top-ranked post on Google is 1,500 words long.

Jasper is the perfect assistant to help you create lots of brand-new blog posts and skyrocket your blog up the rankings.

Let’s explore the best Jasper AI pricing plans and features for building a money-making blog.

Jasper AI now has three new pricing plans, with several discounts and special deals also available. All plans now offer unlimited words!

The key difference between the pricing plans is now the number of team seats you get, plus the number of brand voices, and the number of memories (I’ll talk more about exactly what those are later in the article, so keep reading).

Monthly Pricing Plans

Jasper AI Monthly Pricing Plans

Annual Pricing Plans

Jasper AI Annual Pricing Plans

If you pay annually for any plan, you’ll save 17% on the total price – the equivalent of getting two months of Jasper for free.

Quick Comparison Chart

PlanPrice monthlyPrice annually (17% discount)No. of words No. of seatsNo. of brand voices
Creator $49$39Unlimited11

Next, let’s examine the different features available in each Jasper AI pricing plan – and find out what sort of users they’re best suited for.

#1. Jasper Creator Plan

$39 (annually), $49 (monthly)


The Jasper AI Creator Plan is ideal for solopreneurs, bloggers and small business owners, who need AI to turbocharge their workflow.

It’s an all-in-one copy and content writing powerhouse that will help you immensely in building a profitable blog.

With the Creator pricing plan, you’ll also be able to create Facebook and Google ads, headlines, email briefs, social media posts and tweets.

But thanks to Jasper’s recent changes, you can now use the Creator plan to write long form blog posts too.

The Creator plan starts from $39 per month (paying annually). Here are the features it gives you:

  • Unlimited words per month
  • One team seat
  • One Brand Voice
  • 50 memories
  • Access 50+ copywriting templates in over 25 languages
  • Check for plagiarism via the Copyscape integration
  • Get perfect grammar with Grammarly
  • Official Facebook community
  • Customer support via email

As a blogger, I highly recommend going for the Creator Plan. You don’t need the Teams plan if you’re blogging solo. And now Creator includes unlimited words, so it’s a no-brainer – almost…

There’s just one thing that would stop me choosing Creator, and that’s its lack of SEO Mode. This handy feature lets you integrate Jasper with the powerful capabilities of Surfer SEO.

But the Creator Plan unfortunately doesn’t include it. So if you’re already a Surfer user and want to integrate the tool with Jasper, you’ll need to go for the Teams plan instead of Creator.

Pros and Cons


  • Great for writing all forms of content, from short copy such as social media posts, ads, or product descriptions to entire long-form blog post. No word limit anymore!
  • You can access over 50 templates to turbocharge your copy
  • You’ve got access to one Brand Voice to make your copy sound just like your brand
  • Access to grammar checking and plagiarism checking
  • Affordable price point – just $39 per month (if you pay annually) for unlimited words


  • No access to SEO Mode, custom templates or the API
  • No access to pre-built recipes, which help make your writing faster
  • Customer support by email only

#2. Jasper Teams Pricing Plan

$99 (annually), $125 (monthly)


The premium Teams Jasper AI pricing plan is designed for use with small teams of up to three.

For example, if you’re a solo blogger who works with a remote VA and a freelance writer, then this could be the perfect plan for you. You’ll be able to give them access to Jasper, and work together on projects.

As with all Jasper plans, the Teams plan offers unlimited words. In addition, you can set up a total of three brand voices (great if you have three different blogs).

You can also benefit from access to prebuilt recipes, plus the all-important SEO Mode (Surfer SEO integration).

The best thing is, Jasper produces all original content and it reads very well. In both the Creator and Teams pricing plans, the AI studies your last 1,500 characters before generating new content.

That means the AI is working with a high level of context, which clearly shows through in the high quality output.

The Teams Plan also includes the same handy features as the Creator Plan for checking your grammar and guarding against plagiarism, plus offers the ability to boost your SEO with the clever Surfer SEO integration (another great blogging tool).

What’s more, the Jasper AI team are constantly improving the tool, frequently rolling out new features to make life easier for online writers of all kinds.

The Jasper team are extremely well-engaged with their audience, offering lots of free trainings to help you get to grips with Jasper fast.

The Teams plan starts from $99 per month (paying annually).

You’ll get access to the following awesome features:

  • Unlimited words per month
  • Three team seats
  • Access 50+ copywriting templates in over 25 languages
  • Documents – edit and format your content just like Google Docs
  • Jasper commands – tell the AI what to write
  • Recipes – sets of instructions that Jasper can automatically follow
  • Improve your SEO via the SurferSEO integration
  • Check for plagiarism via Copyscape integration
  • Get perfect grammar with Grammarly
  • Official Facebook community
  • Priority customer support via email or live chat

Pros and Cons


  • The Teams plan gives you access to the important SEO Mode integration (whereas the Creator Plan doesn’t)
  • You can use handy features like Commands and Recipes to further speed up your writing workflow
  • With Teams you can do everything that Creator does – but with expanded capacity and extra features


  • More expensive than the Creator Plan
  • Small bloggers may not need three team seats or three brand voices.

#3. Jasper Business Pricing Plan

Custom Pricing


Jasper’s top tier pricing plan, Business, is designed for large organizations who need secure, stable and scaleable AI capabilities in-house.

Just like the other plans, you’ll get unlimited words. With the Business plan, brand voices and memories are unlimited too. You’ll also get 10+ team seats, all with SSO sign-on to keep everything secure.

On the Business Plan, the AI can look back on the last 10,000 words (compared to just 1,500 for Creator and Teams plans), meaning a vastly improved and more powerful level of context and higher quality outputs.

Customer support is available via live chat and email. As a Business Plan user, you’ll also get access to your own customer success manager to to create an action plan, implement AI into your company workflows, and train your team on best practices.

New Jasper Features

Brand Voice

A few months ago, the Jasper team rolled out a new feature to make your content sound even better and more like you! It’s called Jasper Brand Voice.

Basically, you provide the AI with a chunk of your brand’s own human-written content. The AI evaluates the tone and style of your content and creates a shortcut. You can use this shortcut to easily ask it to emulate your brand in its future writing.


The Memories feature allows you to train Jasper on the details of your products, services, audiences, and specific information, so it always writes factually about your business.

Actionable Next Steps

I’ve walked you through the different Jasper AI pricing plans, their pros and cons, plus my recommendation of the Teams Plan as the best fit if you want to start a blog that makes money – all based on first-hand experience of using Jasper in my blogging workflow.

If you’re wondering, the blog post you’ve just finished reading was written 100% manually. Writing comes easily to me, so I often write articles completely from scratch (by voice typing), saving Jasper for the trickier bits, the boring bits, or when I have writer’s block.

As someone from a journalism and academic research background, I was initially sceptical when I first discovered Jasper AI. Could an AI writer really measure up to human-generated content?

In some ways, it can. But you’ll still need to edit and add the human touch when necessary.

Jasper AI can fit into your workflow in several different ways. It’s entirely possible to write an entire blog post with it from beginning to end. In fact, Jasper offers the perfect way to start making money with AI in 2024.

Or you can use it as a writing assistant to write certain parts of a post, such as the introduction. I like to mix up Jasper-generated content with stories and reflections from my own personal experience.

Whatever you use it for, Jasper AI offers a great free trial with 10,000 credits to play around with.

Why not give it a try today?

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