People ask me all the time about which tools I use for running my blogs. In this section, I’ve put together a quick list of all the different tools.

Some are free, while others are not. You’ll find some affiliate links in here, but only to products that I personally use and enjoy.

Blog Management

Web Hosting

My current hosting provider of choice is WPX. Their customer service is top-notch. There’s always someone available to help me when I need it, and the team goes above and beyond.

Content Management System

I run all my blogs on WordPress. It’s flexible, free, and comes with loads of useful plugins. Make sure you choose the self-hosted version rather than the dot com version.


Having the right theme makes a huge difference to your blog. Kadence is my top pick. It’s clean, light, and includes great-looking starter templates.

Assorted SEO Tasks

I use RankMath to handle a range of key SEO tasks, from submitting sitemaps to Google to organizing 301 redirects.

Other Tools

Keyword Research

My favorite tool for keyword research, backlink analysis and competitor analysis is Semrush. It’s a powerful tool with a ton of different features, but well worth getting used to.

Email Marketing

I use ConvertKit, which offers a user-friendly, intuitive platform for getting started. The free version lets you have up to 1,000 subscribers – perfect for getting started.

AI Writing Assistant

I’ve tried many of these and my top pick is Claude 3 Opus (the previous version, Claude 2.1, is also great, but discontinued in the official Anthropic platform. You can still access it via Poe).

On-Page Optimization

Again, I’ve tried a lot of these and I’m currently using Frase. It’s simple to use, intuitive, and offers a handy outlining feature to help you compete in the SERPs.

Creating Images

Canva is a super easy way to produce custom blog images. The Pro version includes a huge library of stock images, along with graphical elements, filters, and many other exciting design features.

Collecting Payments

Stripe offers an elegant solution for collecting payments on my blog. It integrates neatly with apps like Calendly, so clients can book consultation slots and make payments – all in one seamless workflow.

Managing Affiliate Links

I use Lasso to keep my affiliate links organized and updated, generating gorgeous product boxes for blog posts, and helping me drive more revenue by spotting new affiliate opportunities across my blogs.

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