The internet is full of frauds and fakes. Learn how to spot the key signs of inauthentic online behaviour, so you can stop bad actors from compromising your brand value, reputation, or political campaign.  

"Samantha North has been an extraordinary asset to Nisos in investigating disinformation campaigns on sensitive election security matters. Her work has directly resulted in real-world action taken to protect democratic election processes."
Matthew Brock
Managing Director, Nisos Inc.


Counter Disinformation

Targeted disinformation campaigns can devastate brands and compromise elections. North Cyber Research identifies harmful narratives and tracks down coordinated inauthentic behaviour – so you can take action to protect yourself.

Reputation Management

Disinformation is not just political. Corporate information warfare is on the rise. Knowing what’s being said online about your brand is critical for preserving your reputation. North Cyber Research monitors discussions around your brand and warns of trouble spots before they get out of control. 

Data-Driven Research

From QAnon to anti-vaxxers, North Cyber Research can provide detailed reports on different aspects of the information warfare environment, drawing on masses of social media data, extensive background knowledge, and a solid scientific research pedigree, rooted in both academia and the private sector. 

Training & Development

We offer bespoke training, either in-person or online, covering topics such as: disinformation investigation techniques, the psychology of information warfare, the rise of disinformation-for-profit, and how to use specific tools, such as CrowdTangle, Meltwater or Brandwatch.

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