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I’ve listened to over 200 hours of SEO and blogging podcasts in 2022, and I’m not slowing down in 2023.

Podcasts are one of my favorite accompaniments while working out, cleaning the house, driving, or travelling on trains, planes and buses.

Educating myself at the same time as doing these mundane everyday things really speaks to my inner productivity guru.

Check out my 11 top picks for great podcasts to turbocharge your blogging skills – even if you’re short on free time!

11 Top SEO & Blogging Podcasts For 2023 (From Beginner To Advanced)

#1. The Niche Pursuits Podcast

Veteran marketers Jared Bauman and Spencer Haws host an excellent range of expert interviews about all things niche site SEO – whether that’s building your site, marketing it, or ramping it up to the next level with advanced tweaks. I always learn something new and come away feeling inspired after every single episode.

Check out the Niche Pursuits podcast

#2. How The Fxck

Ben Goodey”s Ahrefs sponsored podcast dives deep into SEO and blogging, with a range of inspiring case study interviews with bloggers (including an episode with yours truly), plus older episodes covering various other aspects of digital marketing. Ben has interesting guests and always draws out the unexpected and unique angles during every interview.

Check out the How The F*ck podcast

#3. The Authority Hacker Podcast

Niche site experts Mark & Gael of Authority Hacker delve into all aspects of building a new site from the ground up, including everything from dealing with Google penalties and avoiding toxic links to levelling up your product review posts.

Check out the Authority Hacker Podcast

#4. Search News You Can Use

Leading expert in white hat SEO, Dr Marie Haynes, interviews movers and shakers in the industry (including black hats…), plus takes some deep dives into important SEO topics like E-A-T and the various wiles of the Google algorithm. This one is well worth a listen if you’re looking to gain a more advanced level of SEO knowledge.

Check out the Search News You Can Use podcast

#5. The Blogging Millionaire

As the name suggests, this is an inspiring podcast built around one man’s journey to overcome the odds and build a million dollar blog. You’ll learn key skills such as creating an epic About Me page, writing a great bio, and choosing a fast, secure WordPress theme. Not only that, but all tips are served up with a side order of compelling storytelling from host Brandon Gaille.

Check out The Blogging Millionaire podcast

#6. Problogger Podcast

Darren Rowse of Problogger doesn’t seem to have released any new episodes since 2020, but there’s still a useful back catalogue of beginner-friendly material geared towards helping you build a better blog. Problogger is one of the biggest names in the field, so hopefully the team will return to podcasting in the near future.

Check out the Problogger Podcast

#7. The Blogger Genius Podcast

Pitched at a beginner-friendly level, Jillian Leslie’s podcast covers multiple aspects of building a successful blog, from creating your personal brand, to building a membership community or getting your email sequences dialled in. There’s a ton of expert interviews on there and it’s overall an engaging listen.

Check out the Blogger Genius podcast

#8. Fat Stacks

Another one for the niche site aficionados, host Jon Dykstra walks listeners through building high income sites on a shoestring, with a strong focus on monetization via display ads. If you’re looking to create the ultimate ads-based passive income generating online asset, then the Fat Stacks podcast will be a great listen for you.

Check out the Fat Stacks podcast

#9. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn ventures far beyond blogging in this popular podcast, digging into all aspects of digital marketing from entrepreneur efficiency to YouTube shorts – and everything in between. It’s a dynamite mix of top quality marketing education and insightful interviews with experts in the industry.

Check out the Smart Passive Income podcast

#10. The Recipe For SEO Success Show

I recently discovered the Recipe for SEO Success Show, liked it, and am keen to add it to my list of best blogging podcasts. Host Kate Toon interviews a wide range of professionals in the field, at all levels from ‘newbie’ to ‘techie’. Give it a listen to learn important takeaways to help boost your blog.

Check out the Recipe For SEO Success Show

#11. Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Last but not least, the Digital Marketing podcast by Exposure Ninja. Once again going beyond the narrow focus of SEO/blogging podcasts, host Tim walks the listener through topics covering the full spectrum of digital marketing. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the field, this is a great place to start.

Check out the Digital Marketing Podcast

Before you go…

Listening to blogging podcasts is a great way to learn from the brightest minds in the field, even when you’re doing other, far more boring things.

Listening to these podcasts has given me a solid education in SEO and blogging. I’m definitely a fan, and I reckon you should give them a try too!

But there’s more to podcasts than just consuming them. Guesting on podcasts is a great way to improve your SEO and strengthen your personal brand. Why not make it one of your goals for 2023?

(Here are the easy steps I use to prep for podcast interviews)

And who knows, maybe one day I’ll launch my own blogging podcast…

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