Discover how I created a single, strategically crafted blog post that has driven over 125 leads and €60K in revenue for a relocation services company – all from a zero-volume keyword.

Client Background

Digital Émigré is a relocation services company based in the UK. It helps people who want to move to Europe for the long term, providing information and resources to make the process easier.

The company was started in 2020 to help UK citizens who had lost their EU citizenship rights after Brexit. They offer a wide range of services, including advice on visa requirements and citizenship applications, plus guidance on settling into a new culture.

As more people became interested in their services, Digital Émigré grew to help clients from all over the world, not just the UK. This allowed the company to reach a wider market and provide personalized support to people from a range of different backgrounds.

Digital Émigré wanted to use its already impressive organic search performance to target higher-value leads using strategic content creation.

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The Strategy

For Digital Émigré, the key to attracting valuable leads was to create detailed content that truly resonated with the target audience. To do this, I needed to understand the latest trends and challenges in the relocation industry.

Through extensive research and analysis of trends, along with the target audience’s needs and pain points, I discovered a topic that I knew would be incredibly valuable to potential clients – even though it had zero search volume.

This topic was so new and specific that most keyword research tools didn’t even recognize it. But I knew it would solve a major concern for people planning to relocate. Addressing this topic in a blog post could make a huge difference in their decision-making process.

Most importantly, I realized this topic had the potential to drive extremely high-quality leads for the relocation services company.

By providing valuable information and solutions related to this specific issue, we could attract people who were seriously considering relocation and were more likely to need the company’s services.


First, I spent a significant amount of time researching the industry, talking to experts, and gathering the most up-to-date information on the chosen topic.

I then created a comprehensive, informative blog post that addressed this key topic in depth. I focused on providing actionable advice and insider insights, plus answering the most pressing questions that potential clients might have.

Even though the keyword had no search volume, I was confident that creating a blog post around it was the right move. I knew the value of the content would outweigh the lack of search traffic and help establish Digital Émigré as a trusted authority in the relocation industry.

By taking this strategic approach and prioritizing target audience needs over search volume, I created a piece of valuable, detailed content that ranked within days and started driving valuable leads almost immediately.


The blog post was originally published in late January 2023. As you can see from the above image, it began attracting impressions and clicks almost immediately.

What’s more, new leads began landing in the client’s inbox almost immediately as well. Each of those leads was worth at least €5,000 in revenue. Organic traffic had done its job superbly – now it was the client’s responsibility to convert those valuable leads into sales.

Note: this revenue number could have been much higher based on the number of high-quality leads this blog post drove for the client. But some of the leads couldn’t be fulfilled due to factors outside of the client’s control (bureaucracy-related blockers).

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Key Takeaways

  1. For driving high-quality leads, targeting valuable, low-volume keywords that address specific pain points is often more effective than focusing on high-volume keywords.
  2. In-depth industry research and understanding the target audience’s needs are key for identifying topics that resonate with potential clients, even if there’s zero search volume.
  3. Prioritizing the needs of the target audience over search volume can lead to the creation of valuable content that ranks quickly and drives leads almost immediately.
  4. A single, strategically crafted blog post targeting the right audience can generate significant revenue for a business, even if the keyword has no search volume.
  5. Organic traffic can drive valuable leads, but it’s the company’s responsibility to convert those leads into sales and manage factors outside of their control that may impact revenue.

Next Steps

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