Discover how my Content Strategy Launch Kit empowered a SaaS startup to kickstart their content marketing efforts and attract high-quality leads – without breaking the bank on ongoing services.

Client Background

Comply Express has a flagship SaaS product, SmartCert, a product compliance management tool designed to make life easier for manufacturers and importers when navigating the complex world of product certification.

The SmartCert software addresses the critical challenges that businesses face in understanding and meeting the ever-changing compliance requirements for their products.

By automating and simplifying the certification process, SmartCert helps companies save valuable time and resources while also making sure they stay in compliance.

The Strategy

Comply Express came to me with a challenge: as a startup, they didn’t have the budget for ongoing content strategy services.

Instead, they needed a one-off content strategy “launch kit” that would give their team everything they needed to start writing great content on their own.

I knew I had to adapt my usual sprint-based approach to fit their unique situation. So the goal was to create a comprehensive one-off package that would empower the Comply Express marketing team to craft well-optimized, engaging content without relying on external help – while also being affordable.

To make the most of their initial investment, I focused on several key areas:

  1. Technical Audit: I audited key technical aspects of the Comply Express website, looking at things like site speed, mobile-friendliness, and how easily search engines could find and index its content. This helped me identify technical improvements to boost their online performance.
  2. Website Performance Review: By analyzing website data, I gained insights into how users were interacting with the site and where there were opportunities to improve content, conversion rates, and user experience.
  3. Existing Content Audit: I reviewed Comply Express’s current content to see how well it performed in search and aligned with their target audience’s needs. This helped me spot gaps and opportunities to update or repurpose existing content.
  4. Handpicked Keywords: I identified 30 high-value audience-relevant keywords. These keywords had high buying intent to drive new signups. They also focused on the specific challenges and pain points of manufacturers and importers looking for product compliance solutions.
  5. Content Templates: To make it easy for the team to create great content on their own, I provided them with a set of my battle-tested content templates. These templates included guidance on structure, formatting, and SEO best practices to ensure their content would be effective and search engine-friendly.

By delivering this all-in-one “Content Strategy Launch Kit,” I aimed to give Comply Express the tools and knowledge they needed to hit the ground running with their content creation efforts.

The strategy was all about making the most of the team’s limited resources, so they could create content that would resonate with their audience, attract new signups, and establish Comply Express as an expert in the product compliance space.


Putting the content strategy into action was all about setting Comply Express up for success. I knew that the key to smooth implementation was clear communication and close collaboration with the marketing team.

One of the most important aspects of the Launch Kit was the keyword research I conducted.

I prioritized keywords with high buyer intent – the ones that potential customers would use when actively searching for a solution like SmartCert.

I used various tools and techniques to identify 30 valuable, bottom and middle-of-the-funnel keywords, such as:

  • “product compliance software”
  • “compliance management system”
  • “how to speed up product certification”

Next, I worked closely with their team to prioritize the technical improvements identified in the audit. We created a clear action plan, outlining the steps needed to optimize their website’s performance and search engine visibility.

With the technical foundation in place, it was time to focus on content creation. I trained the Comply Express team on how to use the keyword research results and content templates effectively.

To finish up, I scheduled a strategy handover meeting with the marketing team. Here, I walked them through the Launch Kit, explaining each part in detail and answering any questions they had. This made sure everyone understood how to use the tools and insights I’d provided.

By the end of the implementation phase, the team had the knowledge, tools, and experience needed to create compelling, search engine-friendly content independently.

They had a clear roadmap for ongoing content creation and a solid foundation for driving organic traffic growth and attracting qualified leads.

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It’s still early days, so there’s no hard data yet on how the content strategy has impacted Comply Express’s search traffic.

But the implementation process has already been a big win in terms of getting the team ready and confident to execute the strategy.

John Showell, Comply Express CEO, made it clear that he was really happy with the comprehensive strategy and all the ideas and tips I provided. In a follow-up email, he said:

“You certainly covered a lot of ground and we have a very clear strategy now to work off and lots of other good ideas and useful tips etc – just what we needed.”

This shows that the Launch Kit has done its job in giving Comply Express a strong foundation and a clear action plan for driving leads organically with content.

John also mentioned that the templates and materials I provided would be super helpful as the team starts putting the SEO improvements into action and creating content based on the strategy.

What’s great is that the implementation process has gotten the Comply Express team excited and committed. John said that Vera, one of the key team members, is eager to dive in and contribute. This tells me that the strategy has created a real sense of ownership and teamwork.

With this new sense of clarity, confidence, and motivation, John feels optimistic about the future impact of the content strategy. He said:

“I’m sure we’ll start getting some good traction soon and drum up brand-new leads!”

Even without tangible results in terms of search traffic and lead generation, the successful implementation of the content strategy has set Comply Express up for success. They have a clear roadmap, practical tools, and a team that’s ready to make it happen.

Key Takeaways

  1. My one-off “Content Strategy Launch Kit” is a cost-effective solution for startups looking to kickstart their content marketing efforts without ongoing external support.
  2. Focusing on high-buyer-intent keywords and creating problem-solving content is crucial for attracting qualified leads and driving conversions.
  3. Providing the client’s team with practical tools, templates, and training empowers them to create compelling, search-engine-friendly content independently.
  4. Close collaboration and clear communication during the implementation phase ensures a smooth transition and boosts the team’s confidence and motivation.
  5. Even without immediate results in search traffic, a well-executed content strategy lays the foundation for future success by giving the team with a clear roadmap and the necessary skills to drive organic growth.

Next Steps

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