Ezoic Review

Joining Ezoic was my first ever experience with monetizing a blog using ads.

Even though I only started a few weeks ago (at the time of writing), I’m already seeing promising results.

Here’s my early-stage Ezoic review, including the onboarding process, those crucial early-stage results, and what to expect going forward.

I’ll also reflect on the quality of customer support I received from the Ezoic team along the way.

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Monetizing My First Niche Site

I’m the founder of Digital Émigré, a niche site that helps remote workers and digital nomads seek residency and second citizenship in Europe.

As a UK passport holder, I was an unfortunate victim of Brexit. This political decision took away my rights to live, work, study, and retire freely across all the countries of Europe.

I was unhappy about this and set out to fix the situation. One way to do so was by moving to Portugal and living there until I became eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Along the way, I found many other people who wanted to do the same. In 2020, I created Digital Émigré to provide information on European residency visas, second citizenship, expat tax, and relocation.

At the beginning, Digital Émigré was a passion project and a personal mission. It hadn’t crossed my mind to place ads on it.

But soon, as I learned more about SEO and published much more content, traffic started to grow fast.

In summer 2022, my monthly traffic hit the 10,000 users mark and kept going.

By then, I was exploring various monetization strategies. I kept hearing about Ezoic, mainly from fellow blog owners on Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

It seemed Ezoic was a perfect fit for a blogger at my level. Plus, most people said it was much more lucrative than Google AdSense.

My Initial Fears About Ads

Having never used ads before, I was initially worried about how they would affect my website.

I had visions of my precious blog plastered with unappealing ads, causing a mass exodus of visitors, and perhaps crashing the site into the bargain.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Early analytics data has convinced me that the Ezoic machine learning algorithm really does work well.

For example, only a small percentage of my users are shown the larger ads, while most of my users receive smaller and more subtle ones.

One of the key factors in building a good relationship between Ezoic and I was how their support team helped put my mind at rest about these issues.

They probably hear similar concerns all the time, but they took me seriously and made sure I felt comfortable with everything before moving forward.

How Ezoic and I First Met

Many good opportunities have come to me via Twitter, and that includes Ezoic.

I was initially contacted by a member of the Ezoic team, Georgia, in response to one of my tweets. She and I sent a few DMs back and forth, before setting up a time to jump on a Zoom call.

In the call, Georgia (and her colleague Connor) talked me through the whole process, answering my many questions about what using Ezoic would mean for my site.

By the time we were ready to go live, I felt totally at ease with the process and excited to jump in!

Ezoic Review – The Onboarding Process

It took about a week for me to get fully set up with Ezoic – mainly because Google was slow to approve my advertiser account and domain.

Georgia and Connor were extremely responsive throughout the onboarding process. They explained important online advertising concepts, such as EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors), and mediation.

They also gave me an easy-to-understand overview of how Ezoic’s machine learning system works.

What’s more, they fielded my email questions quickly (with plenty of screenshots where needed) and made sure I felt comfortable at every stage of the onboarding process.

We developed a good rapport and I always felt they took my questions and concerns seriously.

Ezoic Review – Early Results

ezoic review

So far, Digital Émigré has earned around 212 USD in its first two weeks of being monetized with Ezoic.

The site receives between 800 to 1200 visitors per day and its EPMV is now hovering on the cusp of 20 USD per day.

EPMV is a really important metric because it provides an overview of your earnings across the whole website, rather than just individual pages.

Things are still ramping up, so I’m expecting earnings to improve steadily over the coming weeks.

Even as things stand now, the ads pay enough to cover all of Digital Émigré’s monthly running costs.

Daily earnings in Week 2

It typically takes from 6 to 8 weeks for the Ezoic AI to learn enough about your website visitors to serve ads in the most efficient way possible.

How The Ezoic Team Have Helped Me Along the Way

Excellent support has been a central feature of my experience with Ezoic. And that high level of support didn’t stop once I was up and running on the platform.

Several questions came up along the way, which Connor and Georgia answered for me right away.

After the first 10 days or so, Connor reached out to set up a Zoom call so he and Georgia could walk me through a detailed update on my progress.

During the call, Georgia and Connor shared a detailed presentation, pulling a range of analytics for my site and walking me through all the different ways in which I could improve the earnings.

For example, they showed me which types of ads were generating the most income and which pages had the highest earnings. They also pointed out any interesting patterns in the data.

In this screenshot you can see the types of ads that performed best on the site – ‘bottom floating’ was the clear winner by a long way! (It’s my favorite ad location too, because it feels less intrusive than some of the others).

Different ad locations and how they performed

I also learned about which article word counts were best for driving ad revenue.

Turns out the site’s chunkiest content (5000+ words) was the type that performed best, closely followed by the most common post length on the site (2500-5000 words).

That was useful to know, because probably 90% of content on the website ranges between 2500 and 5000 words. Looks like I’ve found the sweet spot.

Content performance by word count

All in all, walking through these slides was a fun and enlightening experience that also taught me a lot about user behavior on the site.

I was also impressed with the attention to detail and robust support that Connor and Georgia provided.

Final Thoughts – Should You Try Ezoic?

Working with is Ezoic is my first foray into the world of online advertising.

At first, I was wary of running ads on my site, but the knowledgeable Ezoic team put my mind at ease and made sure I felt fully informed about the whole process.

It’s been a super positive experience so far, and I’m pleasantly surprised with the earnings after only two weeks.

As time goes on, I’d like to dive further into some of Ezoic’s more advanced features, such as its video platform.

I currently have a small YouTube channel that’s monetized with Google ads. I’d love to see whether switching to Ezoic could boost the revenue on that front as well.

I’m really excited to keep working with Ezoic and I’m looking forward to a solid set of results going forward. I plan to update this Ezoic review over the coming months.

Interested in earning with Ezoic?

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