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The Power of ‘How-To’ Keywords

The best way to rank a new blog quickly is by targeting long-tail informational keywords. One of the most useful types of long-tail keyword are “how to” keywords.

For example: “how to make coffee with aeropress”.

Looking at this keyword, we can clearly see that the user is looking for an instructional guide to help them complete the goal of making coffee with an Aeropress. To answer the search intent effectively, we need to give them a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Benefits of ‘how to’ keywords:

  • They’re often low competition so it’s easier to rank for them
  • Providing comprehensive ‘how-to’ content is a great way to build up your topical authority
  • ‘How-to’ content is also great for showcasing your personal experience and expertise with this topic – both critical parts of Google’s EEAT ranking factor.

But creating a properly optimized how-to guide takes a bit of practice to get right.

I’ve written countless how to guides for my blogs – on topics I know well and have experienced myself.

Many of those guides have ranked on the front page of Google.

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