Why choose a month to month web hosting plan for starting a blog, instead of an annual plan?

Paying monthly gives you maximum flexibility, which is essential when building a new business. It lets you easily pivot and make changes without being tied into annual (or even longer) contracts.

best web hosting overall

Top Pick: WPX

WPX is my top pick for best month to month web hosting. They offer fast, fully managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting with incredible customer support. I’ve used WPX for two years and am very happy with them.

What’s more, if you decide you don’t like your first web hosting company, paying monthly gives you the chance to easily jump ship to another provider.

It can be tricky to track down a genuine month-to-month web hosting plan. For example, take the super low prices many hosting companies advertise prominently on their websites.

Reading the fine print soon reveals that these amazing deals only apply if you pay for at least a year (sometimes two or three) upfront.

I’ve done the legwork for you and identified this selection of high quality hosting providers that offer genuine month to month web hosting plans. I’ll also show you exactly how to find the month to month billing option.

If you just want the info fast, here’s the quick comparison of month to month web hosting plans (for more detail about each one, just keep reading further down).

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Month To Month Web Hosting (Quick Comparison)

HostingCheapest planMonthly priceNo. of websitesFree migration?Money-back guarantee?
1. WPXBusiness$24.99/mo5Yes30 days
2. KinstaStarter$35.00/mo1Yes30 days
3. DreamHostStarter$4.95/mo for first 3 months, then $7.99/mo1Yes97 days
4. HostGatorHatchling$11.99/mo1Yes 30 days
5. NamecheapStellar$4.48/mo3Yes30 days
6. GreenGeeksEcosite Lite 50$11.95/mo1Yes30 days
7. CloudwaysStandardStarts from $11.00/moUnlimitedYesNo. 3-day free trial
8. SiteGroundStartUp$19.99/mo1Yes30 days

At the moment, I pay for my web hosting annually. That’s because I’ve found a hosting service that I love (WPX), so I’ve got no desire to switch. I also like the stability and cost savings of paying annually.

But in the past, I’ve gotten trapped into long contracts with unsatisfactory hosting providers. In those cases, I found myself wishing I’d chosen a monthly plan.

Does Month to Month Web Hosting Cost More?

Yes, month-to-month web hosting typically costs more compared to longer-term plans, such as annual or biennial subscriptions.

But the key advantage is that you’re not dropping a large lump sum all at once. You can easily pick and choose according to your needs.

What’s more, many web hosts let you switch from monthly hosting to an annual plan at any point. This is a good way to test out the service first. Then once you’re happy, you can invest in a longer-term plan.

8 Popular Month To Month Web Hosting Plans

Here are my detailed recommendations for high quality month to month web hosting plans. In each case, I’ve selected the lowest-priced monthly option, for the sake of easy comparison.

#1. WPX ($24.99/mo, Business plan)

WPX is known for its reliable and high-performance services, especially for WordPress websites. It’s been my web hosting of choice for the last two years, for five different websites.

Founded in 2013, WPX has gained a strong reputation for its focus on speed, security, and exceptional customer support. Speed optimization is a high priority for WPX, using advanced technologies and server configurations to ensure fast loading times.

With a comprehensive range of security measures, including daily malware scanning and removal, free SSL certificates, and a custom-built firewall, WPX ensures website protection. You also get 24/7 live chat support and a user-friendly control panel for seamless website management.

WPX also provides free website migrations and generous resources like SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. With its commitment to speed, security, and customer satisfaction, WPX is a popular choice for website owners seeking reliable hosting services.

Key features of WPX’s Business plan

  • Up to 5 websites
  • 15GB storage
  • 200GB bandwidth
  • Email included
  • 1 GB RAM per site
  • 3 PHP workers per site
  • 1 CPU Core
  • Free malware removal
  • 30 sec average support response
  • Free fixes if site goes offline
  • Free site speed optimization
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 99.95% uptime

How to get month to month web hosting with WPX

Click Sign up on the Business plan (or whichever plan you want), then make sure the slider at the top is set to Monthly. It should look like the screenshot below. Then click Buy Now to get started with a monthly plan.

#2. Kinsta ($35/mo, Starter Plan)

Kinsta is a web hosting company that specializes in managed WordPress hosting services. They have earned a strong reputation in the industry for their emphasis on performance, reliability, and exceptional customer support.

With Kinsta, you’ll enjoy a fully managed hosting environment, relieving you of the burden of server management tasks. Kinsta takes care of software updates and security patches, allowing you to focus on creating compelling website content and growing your online presence.

Kinsta is a great choice once you’ve fine-tuned your blog post writing workflow, mastered the basics of SEO, and are ready to invest in top-notch web hosting performance and quality. And the best part? They offer monthly hosting plans by default.

Key features of Kinsta’s Standard plan

  • 1 WordPress install
  • Up to 25,000 visits per month
  • 10GB storage
  • 100GB CDN
  • 1 premium migration
  • 2 PHP workers
  • 14 day backup retention

How to get month to month web hosting with Kinsta

It’s simple – just toggle the slider onto ‘Month’, and you’ll be presented with all Kinsta pricing plans in their monthly versions. Choose the one you want and hit Signup.

To get started with Kinsta, check out the month to month options here.

#3. DreamHost (Starts from $4.95/mo, Shared Starter plan)

Founded in 1996, DreamHost is a veteran in the industry, serving over 1.5 million websites worldwide. There’s a wide range of hosting options available, including shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

DreamHost focuses on providing high performance, solid security measures, and excellent customer support. With features like SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates, and a user-friendly control panel, DreamHost caters to both beginners and advanced users.

Key features of DreamHost’s Shared Starter plan:

  • 1 website
  • Buy a .COM for $7.99
  • Unlimited traffic
  • WordPress pre-installed
  • FREE automated WordPress migrations
  • WP website builder
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Add email from $1.67/mo

How to get month to month web hosting with DreamHost

DreamHost makes it pretty clear and straightforward to purchase its true month to month web hosting plan.

All you have to do is select the Shared Starter plan and then make sure you’ve selected the ‘Monthly’ tab on the slider at the top. Keep in mind, this price is for one website only.

Click Sign Up, and you’ll be taken to the below screen. Simply make sure you’ve selected the Monthly plan, and you’ll be good to go. Don’t forget, DreamHost offers an extensive 97-day money-back guarantee, if for any reason you’re not happy with the service.

To get started with DreamHost, check out the month to month options here.

#4. HostGator ($11.95/mo, Hatchling plan)

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting providers in the shared hosting space, and a top affordable choice for those starting their first blog.

The HostGator team provides high-quality technical support, with customer support reps available 24/7 by email and live chat. The friendly and knowledgeable reps can help you with a wide variety of tech issues, which is unusual for such a low-cost hosting service.

While HostGator’s speed may not measure up to other services like WPX, the HostGator customer support certainly makes them a worthy budget choice.

Key features of HostGator’s Hatchling plan

  • 1 website
  • 10GB disk space
  • Unmetered bandwidth 
  • One-click WordPress installs
  • Email included
  • Chat support
  • First year domain free
  • FREE domain transfers
  • Auto-renewed SSL certification 

How to get month to month web hosting with HostGator

Once you click Signup on the Hatchling plan, just select the “1 month” option from the dropdown menu on the checkout page, as shown below. Then go ahead and create your account.

To get started with HostGator, check out the month to month options here.

#5. Namecheap ($4.48/mo, Stellar plan)

Namecheap is a well-known provider of domain registration services, which also offers web hosting solutions. With its web hosting services, Namecheap aims to provide individuals and businesses with a seamless online presence.

Namecheap’s hosting services are known for their affordability and performance. There’s a range of hosting plans on offer, including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers, catering to different needs and budgets.

One of the standout features of Namecheap’s hosting services is the commitment to customer satisfaction. Namecheap offers a 100% uptime guarantee, ensuring that your websites are accessible at all times.

What’s more, the customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with any technical issues or inquiries.

Key features of Namecheap’s Stellar shared plan:

  • 3 websites
  • Domain name
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free automatic SSL installation
  • 20 GB SSD
  • 30 mailboxes
  • Free Supersonic CDN 
  • Website builder
  • Free in <24 hours website migration

How to get month to month web hosting with Namecheap

To get a monthly web hosting plan with Namecheap, first click signup on the Stellar shared plan, then make sure you choose Monthly from the billing cycle drop-down menu (as shown below).

To get started with Namecheap, check out the month to month options here.

#6. GreenGeeks ($11.95/mo, Ecosite Lite 50 plan)

GreenGeeks is a reputable web hosting provider known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. They prioritize renewable energy sources, ensuring that company operations are carbon-neutral and have a reduced ecological impact.

GreenGeeks offers a range of reliable hosting services suitable for individuals and businesses of various sizes. Their hosting options include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting, catering to diverse needs.

GreenGeeks emphasizes speed and performance, utilizing advanced technologies and optimized server configurations to deliver fast loading times and optimal website performance.

Security is a key focus for GreenGeeks. They employ proactive server monitoring, secure data centers, regular backups, and advanced security features to protect websites from potential threats.

Key features of GreenGeek’s Lite 50 plan

  • One website
  • 50GB web space
  • Unmetered transfer
  • 50 email accounts
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain name for first year
  • Free nightly backup
  • Free CDN
  • Managed WordPress
  • Built-in caching
  • Unlimited databases
  • 300% green energy match
  • 1 tree planted for each account opened
  • Multi-user Access

How to get month to month web hosting with GreenGeeks

To get a monthly web hosting plan with GreenGeeks, first click “Get Started” on your desired plan. Then you’ll be asked to select whether you want to add a new domain or use an existing one.

On the following page, make sure you choose Monthly from the billing cycle drop-down menu (as shown below). Note: there’s a $15 set up fee on top of the monthly fee, but it’s just a one-time charge.

To get started with GreenGeeks, check out the month to month options here.

#7. Cloudways (Starts from $11/mo, Standard plan)

Cloudways is a managed web hosting platform designed to cater to bloggers and website owners who prefer a simplified hosting experience without the need to manage servers themselves.

Cloudways offers comprehensive managed WordPress hosting plans, ensuring users can focus on their content without getting entangled in technical issues.

What sets Cloudways apart is the seamless integration with popular content management systems such as WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce. This allows bloggers to choose their preferred platform and launch websites effortlessly.

With over 50 data centers worldwide, all using cloud computing technology, Cloudways offers true cloud hosting. This scalability enables users to quickly adjust server resources to handle fluctuations in website traffic, database queries, and web application usage, ensuring optimal performance during peak periods.

Key features of Cloudways’ Standard plan:

  • Affordable and cost-effective pricing
  • Managed cloud hosting platform on Digital Ocean
  • Simplified server management through the Cloudways platform
  • Unlimited application installations
  • Multiple data center locations to choose from
  • Fast and reliable performance
  • Automated backups for data protection
  • Dedicated firewalls and regular security patching
  • 24/7 customer support

How to get month to month web hosting with Cloudways

Cloudways makes it easy to sign up for month to month web hosting. Simply click “Get Started” on whichever plan you want, then fill in your details on the below screen. With Cloudways, you automatically get a 3-day free trial (no credit card needed).

To get started with Cloudways, check out the month to month options here.

#8. SiteGround ($19.99/month, StartUp plan)

SiteGround is known for its exceptional performance, reliable services, and top-notch customer support. With over 2 million domains hosted, SiteGround offers a range of hosting solutions including shared, managed WordPress, cloud, and dedicated servers.

It’s slightly pricier than some competitors, but SiteGround’s fast loading speeds, high uptime, and reliable support make it a top choice for bloggers seeking excellent month to month web hosting.

SiteGround currently has an “Excellent” score on Trustpilot, out of over 12K reviews

Key features of SiteGround’s StartUp plan

  • 1 website
  • 10GB web space
  • Monthly visits up to 10,000
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Free WordPress installation
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Daily backups
  • Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Out-of-the-box caching
  • Ecommerce enabled
  • Unlimited databases
  • 100% renewable energy match

How to get month to month web hosting with SiteGround

Head over to the plan you want (e.g. StartUp) and click ‘Get Plan’. Then you can choose to either register a new domain or transfer an existing one. Hit ‘Proceed’ to be taken to the billing screen.

Here, SiteGround will automatically preselect the 12 month ‘Best Deal’ option for you. To get the monthly option, simply choose ‘1 month’ from the drop down menu, as shown below.

To get started with SiteGround, check out the month to month options here.

Why Choose Month to Month Web Hosting Anyway?

Here are 7 reasons why you might prefer monthly web hosting plans for your blog, instead of annual plans:

  1. Flexibility: Monthly web hosting plans offer greater flexibility as you’re paying on a month-to-month basis. This is great if you’re unsure about your long-term blogging commitment or prefer having freedom to switch hosting providers or packages more often.
  2. Affordability: Monthly plans often require a lower upfront investment compared to annual plans. If you’re just starting out or have budget constraints, then it’s smart to pay a smaller monthly fee rather than shell out tons for an annual plan.
  3. Scalability: Monthly plans let you easily upgrade or downgrade as needed. If your blog gets traffic fluctuations or you plan to make changes to your blog’s requirements, then a monthly plan allows you to adapt your hosting resources accordingly without being tied to a long-term commitment.
  4. Trial Period: Opting for a monthly plan can act as a trial period to evaluate the hosting provider’s performance, customer support, and features before committing to the longer-term. You can test the hosting environment, assess your site’s performance, and make sure it meets your expectations before making a larger investment.
  5. Short-Term Projects: Bloggers working on short-term projects or campaigns may find monthly plans more suitable. If you only need hosting for a limited period, such as a promotional event or a seasonal blog, you can skip unnecessary expenses with a monthly plan.
  6. Easy Cancellation: Monthly plans give you flexibility to cancel the services without losing money. If you decide to switch hosting providers, or quit blogging altogether, you can simply cancel the monthly plan without any long-term obligations or penalties.
  7. Technology Upgrades: The web hosting industry is continually evolving, so new technologies may emerge that offer better performance, security, or features. By opting for monthly plans, you can stay agile and take advantage of tech advancements by switching providers or plans more frequently.

Web Hosting For Bloggers: What To Look For

Here are the top 10 most important factors to consider when choosing a web hosting provider for your blog:

  1. Performance and Reliability: Look for a hosting provider with high uptime guarantees and fast loading times to ensure your blog is accessible and performs well.
  2. WordPress Compatibility: Ensure the hosting provider has optimized servers for WordPress, offers easy WordPress installation, and supports the latest PHP and MySQL versions.
  3. Customer Support: Check for 24/7 customer support through various channels, such as live chat, phone, or ticketing system, to address any technical issues promptly.
  4. Security Measures: Look for hosting providers that offer robust security features, including malware scanning, SSL certificates, regular backups, and server-level security protocols.
  5. Scalability and Resource Allocation: Consider whether the hosting provider offers scalable plans that can accommodate your blog’s growth and provides adequate resources such as storage, bandwidth, and traffic limits.
  6. Ease of Use: Choose a hosting provider with a user-friendly control panel or dashboard to easily manage your WordPress blog, domain, email accounts, and other hosting-related settings.
  7. Backup and Restore Options: Ensure the hosting provider offers automated daily or regular backups, as well as easy restoration options, to safeguard your blog’s data in case of emergencies.
  8. Pricing and Value for Money: Compare pricing plans, features, and renewal costs to ensure the hosting provider offers competitive pricing and good value for the features and resources provided.
  9. Reputation and Reviews: Research the hosting provider’s reputation by reading reviews (e.g. on TrustPilot), checking online forums, and seeking feedback from other WordPress bloggers to gauge their overall satisfaction and reliability.
  10. Additional Features: Consider additional features that may be beneficial for your WordPress blog, such as staging environments, caching solutions, content delivery network (CDN) integration, and specialized WordPress support.

Different Types of Web Hosting

Shared hosting

Shared web hosting is like living in an apartment building. You share resources, such as disk space, bandwidth, and server processing power, with other websites hosted on the same server. It’s an affordable option since the costs are split among multiple users.

But the downside is, if one website experiences a surge in traffic or consumes excessive resources, it may affect the performance of other websites on the same server. Nevertheless, low-cost shared posting is an easy way to get started, especially for your first blog.

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is tailored specifically for WordPress websites. It provides a more optimized and user-friendly experience for WordPress users.

The hosting provider takes care of technical aspects like server setup, maintenance, security, and backups. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

I’m currently running my sites on managed WordPress hosting from WPX, and I’m constantly astonished at how many different things the customer support reps can do for me.

Managed WordPress hosting often includes additional features like automatic WordPress updates, caching, and specialized support. This type of hosting is ideal if you want a hassle-free WordPress experience without worrying about technical details.

VPS hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s like living in a townhouse where you have your own dedicated space but share the physical server with other users.

With VPS hosting, the server resources are divided into virtual compartments, giving each user a separate environment. This ensures better performance and more control compared to shared hosting.

VPS hosting allows you to customize your server settings, install software, and have more flexibility. It’s best suited for websites with medium to high traffic volumes or those requiring specific configurations.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is like owning a standalone house. You have an entire physical server exclusively for your website. This provides the highest level of performance, control, and security. You have full access to all server resources and can customize the server environment to meet your specific requirements.

I’d recommend dedicated hosting for large websites with high traffic, resource-intensive applications, or websites that require maximum security. Otherwise, you definitely don’t need to consider dedicated hosting for starting your blog.

Final Thoughts: Best Month to Month Web Hosting

Finding the right web hosting plan can be a tricky undertaking, especially when you’re looking for a genuine month to month web hosting solution that also offers a top quality service.

I hope this article has put you on the right track for choosing your perfect month to month hosting plan. With the added flexibility of monthly billing, you have the freedom to leave anytime if you don’t like your first pick.

My Top Overall Pick: WPX

WPX is my top overall pick for great month to month web hosting. I’ve been using them for almost two years now, to host multiple websites.

At $24.99 for fully managed hosting of up to five WordPress sites, WPX offers one of the best deals out there. What’s more, their customer support is some of the best in the industry. Check out WPX for yourself.

My Top Budget-Friendly Pick: DreamHost

If you’re a beginner blogger, or on a low budget, DreamHost is my top pick for a budget-friendly month to month web hosting plan.

At just $4.95 per month for the Starter plan, DreamHost offers everything you need to get your first blog off the ground easily, without breaking the bank. Check out DreamHost for yourself.

Ready to start a profitable blog? Check out my comprehensive free guide, packed with battle-tested tips from over a decade of blogging.

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