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Hey, I’m Samantha North.

I help governments, non-profits and brands track down online disinformation and coordinated inauthentic behaviour, including fake accounts, misleading narratives, and harmful conspiracy theories.

I’m also in the final year of a PhD in computational social science at the University of Bath. I aim to understand what drives tribalism in online political behaviour, using a mix of data science and behavioural psychology.

I’m fascinated by the ethics involved in social media and big tech, especially in terms of politics. Disinformation is just one area where algorithms are being leveraged to tap into our human biases and magnify them on a global scale.

The concepts of asymmetric reward and the dopamine loop particularly intrigue me, because they are central driving forces in social media addiction, online trolling and our state of constant distraction.

Before getting into this area of work,  I’ve done marketing for a fintech startup in London, journalism in Istanbul, and PR in Doha, Qatar. I’ve also worked as a nation brand consultant, helping countries and cities manage their global reputations.

Those escapades have taken me to eight different countries, including China, where I studied Mandarin for almost four years, including a memorable year spent living on the North Korean border. I currently split my time between Lisbon and Bath.

Feel free to contact me to discuss any of the following:

  • Help with disinformation research and monitoring
  • Academic collaborations
  • Press enquiries
  • Podcast and other interview requests