About Me

I’ve been making money online since 2014, and working 100% remotely for the last five years.
I’m here to help you do the same.

Samantha North

My Mission

  • To help you get started with the remote work lifestyle.
  • To provide tips and resources to help you get more visible online and create sustainable income.
  • To share my journey of building an online business while working towards a second passport and increased global freedom.

My Expertise

Writing, in all its shapes and forms.


I’ve taken journalism training with the UK’s NCTJ (National Council for Training of Journalists). That led me to publications in major global news outlets.


I’ve worked as a content marketer for two of the UK’s fintech unicorns (GoCardless and Paddle), plus many other top SaaS firms in the US and UK.


In July 2022, I completed my PhD in cyber psychology, with a thesis on how social media makes us more susceptible to disinformation.


I built DigitalEmigre.com from the ground up, including keyword research, content writing (95% written myself), on-page SEO, technical SEO, plus outreach for guest posts and partnerships.

I’ve been living and working abroad since the summer of 2005.

That’s a long time ago now. Back then, remote working was less common. Teaching English was the obvious choice for those who wanted to travel. My first overseas job was in China, followed by others in South Korea, Belgium, and Qatar.

Since then, I’ve lived in eight countries and travelled to over 40 more.

But it wasn’t always easy to generate a solid income while moving around the world. One of my first 100% remote jobs was as a freelance journalist, based in Istanbul.

I built a website, created some work samples, and started pitching editors in the UK and US.

Gradually, I gained traction. Major media outlets, such as Al Jazeera, BBC, and the Telegraph, started to publish my work.

But, sadly, freelance journalism was (and still is!) hard work for low pay.

My next business idea was a niche website about nation branding. I started researching and writing articles about how countries could improve their international images.

I promoted each article on social media. They attracted some attention from potential clients. My website soon evolved into a small consulting business.

But getting traffic was hard work. I spent far too much time on social media pushing out my blog content.

I knew I needed something more.

It wasn’t until 2020 that I finally delved into the world of SEO. From then on, everything changed. I became obsessed with the raw power of organic traffic.

I learned how to research keywords, write properly optimized content, acquire relevant backlinks, and leverage my journalist skills to maximum effect.

After about a year of hard work, my niche site about getting EU citizenship now ranks on page 1 of Google for over 500 relevant keywords.

Most importantly, the site also brings in a healthy amount of new clients and drives valuable affiliate traffic, including five-figure commission payouts.

My mission here is to help you build a solid online income, so you can be globally mobile and live in the country that suits you best – just like I did.

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