Copy & Content

SaaS Copywriter & Content Strategist

I write SEO-friendly blog posts, how-to guides, data-driven reports,
sales pages and website copy.
My background is in both journalism and tech, so I'm well-versed at making complex technical topics interesting and accessible.

Below are selected examples of my work for clients in SaaS, fintech, AI and social media intelligence.


How to Create a Perfect Dataset for Machine Translation Models
Lost in Translation: How Artificial Intelligence is Breaking the Language Barrier


AI-Powered Consumer Insights for the Asia-Pacific Region
Five-Minute Guide to Competitive Intelligence


Report: Insights on SaaS for Business
Five Ways to Skyrocket Your Direct Debit Takeup Rates

The Global Disinformation Index

Anti-Vaxxers and the Epidemic of Health Disinformation
Weaponising Biases: The Psychology of Disinformation

What clients say about me

"Samantha’s a great writer with a varied toolset, capable of working equally comfortably on data-driven, research pieces as she is casual listicles. Whether it’s top-of-funnel thought leadership work or customer enablement content, she can pull together all the relevant threads of info into a compelling piece. I’d recommend Samantha for your content needs, particularly within a technical space or subject matter."
"Samantha was incredibly easy to work with (we have now worked together at two separate companies!). When we were looking for someone to work with that had incredible research skills and was able to work with autonomy, she was an easy choice. Her work drove brand engagement for us and awareness. Not only is Samantha's writing strong and her communication skills of the highest level, she is also a nice person - triple win. I'd highly recommend working with Samantha for various writing needs and for partnership."
"Samantha has a strong grasp of technical details and communicates them clearly for different target audiences. She's very easy to work with, just give her the topic and she'll run with it. Samantha is also a highly versatile writer, who is comfortable creating long-form data-driven reports and compelling customer case studies, producing tight, clear and well-researched writing every time." 

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