Hello! I'm Samantha North.
I research inauthentic online behavior, and help organizations to counter it.



Election Monitoring

Do you need to monitor social media for signs of influence campaigns targeting an election? I will track what bad actors are doing across multiple channels, then deliver a detailed report on all their activities, so you can take appropriate action.

Threat Intelligence

Is your campaign or brand being targeted by bad actors online? I will identify the threats and their locations, then advise you on the best ways to neutralize them – to safeguard your reputation and your bottom line.

Research & Advisory

Are you a counter-disinformation organization looking to enter a new market or launch a new tool? I can support your projects in multiple ways, from advising on market conditions to helping you figure out how best to launch a product.

Training Courses

Need to get up to speed on the latest developments in counter-disinformation? Don't know your Russian bot from your cyborg? I provide tailored training courses, delivered either in person or online.