Tribalism helps spread online disinformation. Here’s how to stop it.

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Online disinformation in Europe Despite the much-publicised role of online disinformation in bringing Donald Trump to power, disinformation is not just a US problem. It affects European countries too. Over the past five years, disinformation campaigns on social media have exploited social cracks and pitted various identity groups against each other. We only have to … Read more

What’s Next for Qanon in a Post-Trump World?


The inauguration of Joe Biden as US president delivered a severe blow to followers of the Qanon conspiracy theory. Without their central figure, Donald Trump, where will adherents of this movement go next? In this post, I present my thoughts based on a recent discussion I had with Canada’s CTV News. What is Qanon? Firstly, … Read more

How Political Tribalism Drives Disinformation

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This post is based on a panel talk I gave for TEDx MidAtlantic, entitled ‘The Threat of Tribalism’, on October 13, 2020. Video version below, also featuring Jennifer Kavanagh of RAND Corporation. Why has the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US and the UK so badly?  Political tribalism is partly to blame, for compromising our public … Read more

Voter Suppression Online: How To Fight Back

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Introduction In this week’s article, I’m going to delve into the important issue of online voter suppression. I’ll give some examples of what voter suppression attempts look like on social media and explain specifically how disinformation is involved. I’ll also discuss the psychological drivers that make online voter suppression effective. In closing, I’ll suggest some … Read more

4 Simple Ways To Stop Sharing Fake News and Disinformation

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Introduction Fake news, more specifically known as disinformation, is a major problem that shows no sign of going away. If anything, it’s evolving in new ways to become more nefarious than before. Elections are always major flashpoints for fake news, and the US presidential election of 2020 is no exception.  Many individuals and organizations are … Read more